Tourism and activities near the Château de Fère, at the gateway to Champagne country

Soissons, city of the vase and Clovis

On the course of the River Aisne, less than 30 kilometers away from Le Château de Fère, this town has a long and rich history. It was the first Capital City of the Kingdom of the Franks founded by Clovis, and the birthplace of Charlemagne. More than 8 major churches and abbeys can be visited, especially the Basilica-cathedral Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais. Listed as a French city of art and history, it is known for its famous Vase whose legend is central in the history of our ancestors the Franks.


Reims, city of royal coronations

The City of Reims, 40 minutes away from Le Château de Fère, is an important stop while visiting the region. Enjoy its historical monuments, its animated streets, and its 250 kilometers of cellars under the ground.

- Notre-Dame Cathedral in Reims, main attraction of the city, was for a long time the stage of French kings’ coronation. The most memorable is "Dauphin" Charles VII, led to Reims by Joan of arc in1429 at the end of Orleans’ siege.

- The archiepiscopal Palais du Tau host Le Musée de l’Oeuvre, where you can find some treasures of the cathedral.

- La Place Drouet d’Erlon, located at the heart of the town, offers many opportunities for shopping, restaurants and terraces.


The Champagne vineyards

By visiting the Château de Fère and its surroundings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the famous Champagne, for which we have to thank Dom Perignon, a monk from the 17th century. The Vineyards of the Champagne Country, jewels of the French terroir are divided in homogeneous regions, such as La Vallée de la Marne between Château Thierry and Epernay, La Montagne de Reims, and La Côte des Blancs.

The Touristic Road of Champagne - whose some hills are listed World Heritage Site - is located between Epernay and Reims surroundings.Apart from the worldwide known Champagne, it offers many picturesque landscapes.


Château –Thierry

Birthplace of the famous Jean de le Fontaine, the history of the town is diverse and rich. Its castle, built from the 9th century, host nowadays hawks shows and offers an ideal frame for walks. You can also visit Hotel Dieu, a former hospital founded in 1304 by Jean de Navarre, today a museum. The House of the French-American friendship celebrates the memory of all American soldiers died on French land during the Great War. Located less than 25 kilometers from Le Château de Fère.


The American Cemetery

Located at Seringes-et-Nesles, 5 minutes away from Le Château de Fère, it is spreading over 37 acres and holds 6 012 tombs of soldiers.



Capital of the Aisne’s Region, one hour away from Le Château de Fère, Laon is a city of history with its medieval houses, old mansions and historical monuments. The cathedral, one of the first major gothic constructions from the 12th century can also be visited.


Château de Nesles

Former fortified castle, it was built in the 13th century by Robert III de Dreux. Its ruins on the town of Seringes-et-Nesles are listed as Historical Monuments. 5 minutes away from Le Château de Fère by car.


Château de Condé

Located on the Champagne Touristic Road 30 minutes away from Le Château de Fère, this great private house with Renaissance style has been decorated upon royal orders by the most talented artists of their time (LaFaye, Lancret, and Bonaventure de Bar).


La Hottée du Diable

Privileged place from the childhood of Paul and Camille Claudel, this chaotic grouping of rocks with tormented shapes is home of legends and myths. Ideal for a rural stroll, only a couple of minutes away from Le Château de Fère by car.  


Fère en Tardenois

Birth place of Paul and Camille Claudel. Its Church, its Halles and chapel are listed as Historical Monuments. Two kilometers away from Le Château de Fère.


The Landowski’s Ghosts

This 8 meters high sculpture, National Monument for the Second Battle of the Marne has been erected at the top of Charlmont Hill, at Oulchy-le-Château, less than 20 minutes away from Le Château de Fère.